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  • Music The media server has enough storage space for thousands of digital files like mp3s. Software media players have greater functionality than their hardware equivalents, such as the ability to fetch lyrics, present album art, play visualisations, or sort the music in different orders. You can listen to mp3s, stream internet radio, even connect your mobile mp3 player to the network.
  • Multi media systems for yachts What's unique about the Multi media system is the audio visual clarity, the number of functions it performs and ease of control. The front end back end design model means less clutter and the components used ensure durability and stunning output
  • Television Watch, record onto hard disk, timeshift, mute with teletext while listening to music. Some of the options available with television function. You can also watch web content like youtube just as easily. You can also resize the tv window so the screen can be used for another function at the same time...
  • Ebooks Then advantage of reading off a 42” + screen is the auto scroll facility , adjustable font size, easy storage, etc. You can even have accompanying music. Alternatively how about an audio book?
  • Photos The multimedia system is an excellent vehicle for the presentation and storage of digital images. Pictures of the days activities and sights can be immediately uploaded onto the system ready for viewing with amazing clarity and that includes video.
  • Gaming From a low tec chess game, to the latest massively online racing simulators, through to web content games like pacman. The audio visual clarity, controls and variety of games gives another entertainment option onboard
  • Telephony There are a variety of applications that allow you to make phone calls over the web, such as skype and These allows aditional services like video conferencing, free calls, call recording etc
  • Internet The multi madia server allows you to store tons of music with easy access right accross the vessel. The software has various plugins that allow the fetching of lyrics, album art presentation, visualisations etc.....


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