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  • Why Multimedia?

    Currently television dominates the domestic media. Other media like the telephones, photographs, videos, books have many tools and standards. For gaming, there are even more items. These tools use technologies requiring individual hardware. This results in multiple devices for presentation and storage such as stereo players, telephones, photo albums, shelving for books etc.

  • Convergence We are in the middle of a digital revolution. We are making digital phone calls, sending digital mail, reading e books, snapping photographs on digital cameras while listening to digital music. Television stations are digitizing their content and making it available on the internet. This convergence will make many traditional tools redundant, and just like the typewriter they will eventually be replaced by more efficient computer based systems .
  • Space Bespoke Marine Multimedia systems is an elegant solution to providing a single point of storage for the presentation of digital media across a network. On boats space is at a premium and we work with designers, tilting towards software as opposed to physical solutions.

Tomorrow is now and it is all about choice

The Spectrum home meultimedia system offers new ways of interaction. When listening to music you can automatically have the lyrics appear on the screen. Or if you don’t know much about the artist, pop onto Wikipedia. Just seen a cool advert on TV, immediately go to the companies website or read customer reviews about the product and if you really like it order it online without leaving your seat. Play computer games or turn a phone call into a video conference. The choices are limited only by imagination. The displays are stunning and the sound crystal. We only choose the best components to deliver audio visual clarity and that wow factor.


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